Boiler water treatment

High quality boiler water

Steam has a very high heat capacity and is essential in process industries, production of heat in district heating or for high-pressure turbines that generate electricity in heat & power plants.  

High quality boiler water is vitally important to extend the life cycle of pipes, boilers and heat exchangers and ensuring ongoing performance and operational reliability.

Optimal treatment of boiler water removes impurities in the feed water, which reduce:

  • Corrosion and thus boiler wear
  • Frequency of blowdown
  • Energy loss
  • Consumption of chemicals
  • Scaling
  • Carryover   

The boiler water treatment system

The best solution is always based on individual needs and the quality of the raw water available, in relation to the quality of the feed water needed for specific boiler use.

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Industrial steam boilers

Optimum makeup water treatment for industrial steam boilers within the norms of EN 12953-10 and TRD 611.

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High pressure steam turbine

Optimum makeup water treatment for Heat & Power plant steam boilers within the norms of EN 12952-12, VGB S-010-00 and IAPWS TGD.

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District Heating boilers

Optimum make-up water treatment for heat boilers within the recommendations of Danish District Heating Association and norms of AGFW-Arbeitsblatt FW 510.

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