Water treatment for District Heating

Proper water treatment is a precondition of optimum return on investment, since correct water quality is essential for optimizing the life cycle of pipes, boilers and heat exchangers.

Extend the life of the pipes with correct water treatment

District heating systems utilizes the heat from a wide variety of energy sources such as combined heat and power plants (CHP), Waste-to-Energy (WtE) plants, boiler heating plants, surplus heat from the industry, solar thermal systems as well as geothermal heat and large-scale heat pumps. District heating water, however, is not just heated water. The water quality is of great importance.

The main goal of water treatment is to prevent corrosion, deposits, and pipe fractures. Pipe fractures cause supply interruptions for the customers as well as loss of valuable water and the risk of intrusion of untreated water, which can pollute the treated water in the distribution network.

How to avoid corrosion

Oxygen, salts and particles in the water can cause corrosion. The oxygen reacts with the steel in the district heating pipes while the salts act as catalyst for the electrochemical corrosion.

The main goal of water treatment is to prevent corrosion, deposits, and pipe fractures. By removing salts and oxygen as well as adjusting the pH, the basis for corrosion – including microbial corrosion – will be removed.



Are the chemicals the solution or part of the problem in relation to corrosion?

The consulting group COWI elaborates on this question and highlight the benefits of optimum water treatment in the district heating system. 

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Remove oxygen with a chemical free solution

Skanderborg-Hørning District Heating in Denmark has recently installed a membrane degasser for removing oxygen from the feedwater. Spend 2 min. in company with Lars Jørgen Dam, Head of production and hear how correct water treatment can prevent corrosion.

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Water treatment & corrosion prevention

The Danish District Heating Association has published its recommendations for correct water treatment to increase lifecycles of key assets such as boilers, valves, fittings, installations, and underground piping.

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Reduce pollution with a magnetic insert

Raw water intrusion, corrosion products, and suspended magnetite will inevitably occur in the district heating circuit causing pollution and at worst breakdowns. However, it can be delayed significantly by using the proper technologies.

As a minimum, particle filtration with bag filter and magnetic insert is recommended. A magnetic insert in the particle filter efficiently collects magnetite residue from the circuit water.

Contact your local EUROWATER office to hear more about this solution.

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Water treatment for District Heating

In this leaflet we put water on the agenda! Read about chemical free make-up water and how to reduce pollution by filtering a partial stream of the total flow.

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Mobile water treatment plant - ready for use!

If a temporarily water treatment problem arises, you can easily take care of it by renting a EUROWATER mobile water treatment plant. The video (2 min.) gives an example of, how the mobile water treatment plant handles a filling of thermal energy storage.

Whether you need drinking, disinfected, softened or demineralized water, we have a mobile solution.

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