Turn-key water treatment solution to ukrainian dairy

Published: 2 March 2021 | Contact

The Ukrainian dairy BIAGR has recently installed a complete turn-key water supply solution, supplied by Silhorko-Eurowater. The project included design, equipment supply, installation and commissioning.

To support the market introduction of new dairy products, BIAGR dairy decided that a complete reconstruction and implementation of new diary technology - including the water supply system – was a necessary step.

The main task was to provide a complete solution: From pumping raw water from six water wells, then treating it to a few specific water qualities required by the different applications, to distribution to every point of consumption with the appropriate flow and pressure.

BIAGR: We needed a 100 % water solution

We wanted a contractor with expertise in water for dairies and we were searching for a supplier active in the local market as well as the European market. The supplier should have the capacity to take responsibility for the whole water process, beginning from wells and ending with the last valve before consumption. In 2018, we visited the Silhorko-Eurowater HQ in Denmark and a few dairy facilities with their water solutions. We were impressed by how daily business were organized, their values and customer orientation."

CEO, Roman Kovalenko

Since the iron and manganese contents in the raw water are above the drinking water limits, two pressure filters (type EUROWATER TFB35) were installed with an aeration system for controlling proper oxidation. The pressure filters were followed by two membrane filtration units (type EUROWATER C3-21) - producing a total of 50 m³ of demineralized water per hour.

In the latest issue of Danish Dairy & Food Industry 2021 (Open in a new tap), you can read more about the water treatment solution at BIAGR dairy. 


Water supply system from Silhorko-Eurowater at BIAGR

  • Grundfos SP pumps
  • EUROWATER pressure filters type TFB 35
  • EUROWATER reverse osmosis units type RO C3-21
  • Grundfos CRNE distribution pumps
  • Wedeco UV units
  • EUROWATER ion exchange softening unit type SMH 902-F