Bag filter

Bag filter for mechanical filtration 

Bag filters are ideal for filtration jobs with heavy demands on flow rates and space. Used for filtration of boiler water and cooling water, circulation water in district heating plants, rinse water in the surface treatment industry and in the electronics industry, as well as for process baths, etc.

The bag filter has a robust design making it suitable for both cold, hot, acid and alkaline liquids. They are easy to install and maintain and have no rinse water consumption. 


Where bag filters make a difference


Reduction of iron in feedwater

The Danish district heating company, Hvide Sande Fjernvarme, was challenged by a high level of iron in the feedwater. Production manager, Martin Kristensen, explains:

"We had to do something about the iron content in the water, because it was above the recommendations of the Danish District Heating Association of 100 µg / l. We tried a 1 micron filter in a partial stream plant with two bag filters and a magnetic insert. It seemed to work!"

Reduction of iron in the district heating system, is part of asset management. Risk of corrosion in boilers, valves, fittings, installations, and underground piping is reduced significantly.  

Filtration of cold water

The bag filter type EF applies for cold water below 35°C. The filter house is made of either PVC or steel which is coated with corrosion-resistant, high-density polypropylene. The support screen is normally of PVC. The EF 5 module has several types of materials for special applications. 


Filtration of hot water

The bag filter type EFG are suited for filtration of water up to 100°C. The filter house is made of steel. The modules can be supplied painted outside and untreated inside. They are also available in hot-galvanized steel and stainless steel. The filter can be supplied with a built-in magnet.


Product overview

Our product range comprises a wide number of standard plants, all engineered and manufactured in-house. The starting point is our modular-built standard system ensuring high flexibility, high reliability in operation, and short delivery time. Each solution can be customized and built according to the specific application by adapting the choice of material, instrumentation, and control system - based on our combined know-how.

Plant design
The bag filters consist of a filter house with cover and a support screen for the exchangeable filter bag. The filter house is available with different surface material on the inside and outside according to filtration task.     


Contact your local sales and service office for more information and request of data sheets and instructions. 

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Flow rate up to 12 m3/h

Product type:EF2
Max. operating pressure:6 bar
Max. temperature:35 oC
pH range:1-13

Flow rate up to 22 m3/h

Product type:EF5/EFG5
Max. operating pressure:6 bar
Max. temperature:100 oC
pH range:1-13

Flow rate up to 22 m3/h

Product type:EFG7
Max. operating pressure:16 bar
Max. temperature:100 oC
pH range:7-13

Flow rate up to 22 m3/h

Product type:EFG8
Max. operating pressure:6 bar
Max. temperature:100 oC
pH range:7-13

Also available as frame-mounted units

The bag filters are also available as frame-mounted units
with or without pump and with two or more bag filters for higher flow rates.

The list shows a selection of frame-mounted units. 

Flow rate up to 22 m3/h

Frame-mounted unit with 1 x EFG5 bag filter with welded pipe system incl. of pressure gauges and pump
Product type: EFG5P-F

Flow rate up to 30 m3/h

Frame-mounted unit with 2 x EF5 bag filters with PVC pipe system incl. of pressure gauges and stop valves
Product type: 2-EF5-F

Flow rate up to 40 m3/h

Frame-mounted unit with 2 x EFG7P bag filters with welded pipe system incl. of pressure gauges and pump
Product type: 2-EFG7P-F


High flow rate

Filter bags installed in series are offered as special design to obtain a high flow rate. The photo shows an installation with 10 bag filters type EFG7 at a District Heating company in Germany. 

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Optimum filtration with magnetic insert

The magnetic insert is efficient for capturing small, magnetic particles, typically not retained by a filter bag. On balance, a bag filter with magnetic insert therefore gives optimum filtration.

The top fits all existing solutions making an upgrade easy and affordable compared with changing an entire bag filter.

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Specially designed filter bag

The filter bag is designed for optimum filtration quality. 
Standard filter bags are available in either polypropylene or nylon/polyamide
as needle felt or monofilament.

100 % tight

The filter bags are equipped with an acid-resistant stainless steel O-ring, which ensures optimum sealing even at high temperatures.


Nominal filter bag capable of preventing particles with pore sizes 1-100 micron. Excellent for surface filtration and depth filtration of thinner particles. Thermal treatment to the surface of the filter bag prevents fibre in the filtrate.



Absolute filtration of particles with consistent pore sizes (100-400 micron). This type of filter bag is very efficient for surface filtration and is tolerant to neutral and alkaline media.

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